McVicar Creek 2016


McVicar Creek has been under the microscope for several years now. Nested in the suburbs of Thunder Bay, this short stream has been the subject of several studies and restoration projects. Due to its proximity to human population, its banks in several areas continue to be disturbed. This has caused the long term success of past restorations to diminish.

Trevor Kavalachuk, Darya Parzei, Ezekiel McLeod, and Ally Wood, a group of students from the Geography and Environmental Studies Student Society (GEmSS) applied for the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund grant for the summer of 2016 to once again restore McVicar Creek, this time while educating and involving the community. Their plan is being carried out by research assistant Sara Cockhill.

Project Sites:

Project Goals:

  1. Provide practical learning and volunteer opportunities for Lakehead University students and community partners within the area of study (McVicar Creek Restoration Plan, City of Thunder Bay).
  2. Promote and develop a community based education program which is aimed at educating residents on the importance of proper stormwater management and the implementation of the McVicar Creek Restoration Plan.
  3. Install Riparian Buffers around key sections of the watershed currently designated as high risk areas for water quality issues (according to the McVicar Creek Restoration Plan).

Project Partners: