June 2: Getting Started
Posted on: August 9, 2016, by : admin

June 2nd, 2016

The first few weeks of being a research assistant have been hectic! We’ve done a combination of training and self-directed learning. Brent and I started off with two days of a first-aid refresher course with the rest of the team: Rob, Nathan, and Jason.

We dove into training and read a lot to learn about the Superior Streams project. After spending a couple days inside reading past reports and equipment manuals, we went out on a beautiful Friday afternoon to the McIntyre River on Lakehead’s campus, where we experimented in the water with equipment so we could familiarize ourselves with it before any actual field work.

After we collected quantitative flow, pH, and dissolved oxygen measurements, we acquired some qualitative measurements. Brent, Nathan, and I caught a couple crayfish, noticed a few dragonfly nymphs, and tried to wrangle some sucker fish. Unfortunately, we didn’t get close enough to actually catch any.

The following week was spent in the office. Brent worked on field health and safety policies and procedures. I began creating a website for future awareness and event promotion, and researched seedlings to be ordered for remediation projects later this summer. This involved networking with connections to try and find local tree and shrubs sources, but ultimately we settled on a supplier in Manitoba.

This past Monday, I got the new website under our own domain. I have spent a lot of time learning about website creation, formatting and organizing web content, and incorporating pictures, blog posts, widgets, and so much more. Visit us at superiorstreams.infosuperior.com and check out what we’ve got so far!

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